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Finally — An Easy and Effective Process for Twitter Marketing

Sharing is Not Marketing!

You are a marketer, right?

Okay, sharing is engaging followers, which we are all for. And if that is all you want to do, use Buffer.

But if you want to market to them, you need to do more – especially on Twitter!

Inbound marketing on Twitter is the PROCESS of effectively generating targeted organic traffic and leads from Twitter.

This is what Saturn Social is all about… executing the BEST process to drive organic traffic and generate leads. Repeatedly and at the scale you need.

20-minutesHow can you market effectively with a tweet only good for 20 minutes?

It Is Hard!

But that is what Saturn Social is all about.

In a single dashboard, Saturn Social includes all you need to execute inbound marketing on Twitter.

Don Crow, Verge Pipe Media

doncrow-150x150aI’ve tried lots of solutions to help me market on Twitter, and I’m happy to say the experiment is over now that I’ve discovered Saturn Social! Their tool is intuitive and focused on what matters most – meaningful business results. And they have a super responsive support team to boot.


Some of what we offer…


Create, manage, schedule and analyze results from calls-to-action in one place. Drive leads and website traffic.


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Saturn Social Calls-to-Action
Saturn Social Content Stream

Content Streams

Manage your blog and curated content sources to drive website traffic and engagement. With CTAs, this will fill your customized publishing schedule.


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Generate a custom schedule for your CTAs, your blog and curated content. Optimize scheduling for engagement, traffic generation or lead generation across one or multiple Twitter accounts.


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Saturn Social Scheduling
Saturn Social Analytics


See what CTAs or posts are performing best. See what #hashtags are working for you. See your click-through traffic and more. Everything you need to analyze and improve your efforts.


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Image Sharing

Images generate up to 100% more engagement. We automatically share your CTA images, pull images from your blog or curated content and share them if allowed.


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Saturn Social Image Sharing
Saturn Social Landing Pages

Landing Pages

What inbound marketing platform would be complete without landing pages? In minutes, setup and deploy responsive Twitteresque landing pages to be used in conjunction with your graphic calls-to-action to capture leads.


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Are you treating your tweets like calls-to-action and landing pages? Read about why you should.

Ok. But Why Focus Only on Twitter?

Another good question.

First, we believe Twitter has a bright future ahead of itself, as evidenced by its partnership with Google.

Secondly, we do not believe building software “a mile wide and an inch deep” is the best path to meaningful social media results.

Each social media channel presents unique challenges and opportunities, perhaps none more so than Twitter.

And if we supported other platforms, we could only support the least-common-denominator in terms of doing things well – which is never good for driving the best results.

If you’re a marketer, we definitely shouldn’t have to tell you the perils of trying to be everything to everybody.

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