Inbound Social Media Marketing Tool Suite for…

Agencies, Business & Pro Bloggers

We Are Looking For Version 3 Agency Beta Users. You…?

A suite of professional social media marketing tools specifically designed for:

  • Multi-account scheduling and sharing
  • Managing campaigns & funnels
  • Social content management
    • Managing your blog
    • Managing offers and CTAs
    • Curation with CTAs, email capture, and retargeting pixels
  • Analytics from a campaign level to individual shares
  • Measure and maximize your results
  • Save hours per week
  • So much more…

Saturn Social is for professional marketers seeking professional results. Manage all content by putting it into four categories: your blog, offers and CTAs, curated content and other. We also allow tags on all content which allows powerful features such as campaigns, funnel management, smart auto scheduling and real insights with analytics. Combine these with powerful multi-account scheduling and analytics, and you have a professional sharing and social marketing suite that is unmatched in power.

Are You A Marketing Agency? Manage multiple clients, not just social accounts. We help you manage campaigns, content, calls-to-action for every step of your client funnels and measure what is working. Our professional tools are both powerful and flexible to allow you to execute and show your clients the results.

How Does It Work?

For serious marketers please watch this 8-minute overview video…

Some of The Major Featured

Campaign & Funnel Management …

… Multi-Social Account Auto Scheduling …

… Powerful Content Management

… So much more, including …

Evergreen Auto-Scheduling

Build a library of your blog posts, offers, calls-to-action, and third party curated content.

From there we create a repeating queue and schedule and share across social accounts.

Advanced Analytics…see how every item in your library performs.

Control what content is scheduled on each social account with campaigns or tags ensuring the desired content goes where you want.

Evergreen Library & Auto Queue


Manage Offers, CTAs and Curation

Manage and track offers and Calls-to-Action (CTAs):

  • Add offers and CTAs to your repeating queue
  • Schedule and send automatically

Increase your conversion potential by 400%:

  • Attach calls-to-action to curated content
  • Every share can now generate emails or drive traffic
  • Mobile and Desktop Friendly

Blog Boost

Increase blog traffic 300% with our Blog Boost! Optimized scheduling for new posts to drive traffic!

And add your evergreen blog posts to the recurring queue to continue to drive engagement and capture emails.

Share popular content and drive traffic to a similar post of yours by attaching a very targeted CTA.

Advanced Analytics

  • View hourly or daily click-throughs graphically
  • Graph performance by tags and #hashtags
  • View click-rates by specific pieces of content
  • Easily see your Best and Worst performers
  • See the best times to post by actual click-through
  • See what Offers and CTAs perform the best… and more

Everything you need to analyze and improve your efforts.

Build your email List

A marketer’s bread and butter is building your email list!  Integrate your popups or landing pages from ConvertKit, Drip, MailChimp….

Easily capture email addresses with built-in popups or send the CTA to your landing page.



Generate a custom schedule for your CTAs, your blog and curated content.

Optimize scheduling for engagement, traffic generation or lead generation across one or multiple social accounts.

14 Day Free Trial for All Plans.

(No credit card required.)

Version 3 of Saturn Social is now in Beta….so many improvements and new features.

We need Agency users to give us the straight pop the most…we offer a great deal…just ask.

Pro Blogger

Drive social traffic & Leads


1 user

3 Social accounts

Evergreen Library (250)

Content Management

Unlimited Sharing

Rss Feeds (10)

Curation CTAs  (10)

CTA Integrations (1)

email capture popups

Campaign Management

Link Shortener

Remarketing Pixels

Market your Blog


Monthly Plan


For driving growth 

5 users

25 Social Accounts

Evergreen Library

Content Management

Unlimited Sharing

Rss Feeds 

Curation CTAs 

CTA Integrations

email capture popups

Campaign Management

Link Shortener




Monthly Plan


manage multiple clients

25 Users

25 social accounts

Evergreen Library

Content Management

Unlimited Sharing

RSS Feeds

Curation CTAs 

CTA Integrations

email capture popups

Campaign Management

Link Shortener




Monthly Plan

Plan Notes:

  1. Pro Blogger has limits that are shown in parentheses. Pro Blogger does not include campaign management, our link shortener, or retargeting pixel integrations.
  2. CTA Integrations are for email providers. Popup captured emails can go directly into your email list.
  3. Link Shortener is for custom links that you can create and share and then track clicks. These links can include curation CTAs which will wrap the link provided. Use this feature like for networks we do not support.
  4. Agency: All agency numbers are per client.