Social Marketing
For Blogs

…Increase Traffic…

…Increase Subscribers…

Do you want to:

  • Increase social email signups by 400+%

  • Increase blog traffic by 300+%

  • Save 6+ hours per week

  • Measure and improve results

Yes? Us to…

Manage Your Blog’s Social Sharing…

            …Your Offers and Calls-to-Action

                  … and Add Conversions Through Curated Content.

Blog Boost

Increase blog traffic 300% with our Blog Boost! Optimized scheduling for new posts to drive traffic!

And add your evergreen blog posts to the recurring queue to continue to drive engagement and capture emails.

Share popular content and drive traffic to a similar post of yours by attaching a very targeted CTA.

Offers, CTAs and Curation

Manage and track offers and Calls-to-Action (CTAs):

  • Add offers and CTAs to your repeating queue
  • Schedule and send automatically

Increase your conversion potential by 400%:

  • Attach calls-to-action to curated content
  • Every share can now generate emails or drive traffic
  • Mobile and Desktop Friendly

Just set it and traffic and emails will pour in.

Build a library of your blog posts, offers, calls-to-action, and third party curated content.

From there we create a repeating queue and schedule and share across social accounts.

Advanced Analytics…see how every item in your library performs.

With attached CTAs on curated content automatically capture an email with your existing popups from ConvertKit, Drip, MailChimp and more….

Evergreen Queue


Advanced Analytics

  • View hourly or daily click-throughs graphically
  • Graph performance by tags and #hashtags
  • View click-rates by specific pieces of content
  • Easily see your Best and Worst performers
  • See the best times to post by actual click-through
  • See what Offers and CTAs perform the best… and more

Everything you need to analyze and improve your efforts.

Build your email List

A blog’s bread and butter is its email list!  Integrate your popups or landing pages from ConvertKit, Drip, MailChimp….

Easily capture email addresses with built-in popups or send the CTA to your landing page.



Generate a custom schedule for your CTAs, your blog and curated content.

Optimize scheduling for engagement, traffic generation or lead generation across one or multiple social accounts.

Is Saturn Social for you?

  • Does a targeted email have value for you?
  • Do you want to grow your email list with social?
  • Do you want to increase your blog’s traffic from social media?
  • Do you use ConvertKit, Drip or MailChimp (or others)?
  • Do you want power and simplicity…all together?

Then Saturn Social is designed and built for you!

Sound interesting? Then get started now!

14 Day Free Trial for Paid Plans.

(No credit card required.)

1 Twitter Account
100 Library Tweets
10 RSS Feeds
3 CTA for Curated Content
250 Auto Tweets per Week
Great Analytics
Daily Click-Through Graphs
No #Hashtag & Keyword Filters
No Popup Email Forms
No Email Integration
Cancel Any Time
3 Twitter Account
Unlimited Library Tweets
Unlimited RSS Feeds
Unlimited CTAs for Curated Content
Unlimited Tweets per Week
Advanced Analytics
Hourly & Daily Click-Through Graphs
#Hashtag & Keyword Filters
Popup Email Forms
1 Email Integration
Cancel Any Time
10 Social Accounts (any)
Unlimited Social Library
Unlimited RSS Feeds
Unlimited CTA for Curated Content
Unlimited Shares per Week
Advanced Analytics
Hourly & Daily Click-Through Graphs
#Hashtag & Keyword Filters
Popup Email Forms
Email Integrations
Cancel Any Time


All accounts track and share your blog, calls-to-action and curated content.

CTAs can point to a landing page or have a popup for paid accounts.

Pro Blogger social accounts include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (personal and Pages) and LinkedIn.

Paid accounts can have popup forms shown right over curated content for higher conversion potential.

Paid accounts can integrate email providers (e.g. ConvertKit, Drip, Mailchimp, etc.) to push emails right into your workflows with your popups forms or landing pages — super cool!

Link shortening and tracking is included in all accounts.